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About The Dances
Ballroom and Latin Dancing as it's known today (internationally) consists of the following ten dances, five in each category.

Waltz - 'Elegant and graceful with its origins in Vienna and Austria.'
Foxtrot - 'A smooth and flowing dance.'
Quickstep - 'A light, fast moving dance incorporating elements of the Charleston.'
Ballroom Tango - 'Sharp and staccato.'
Viennese Waltz - 'Lots of rotation with gentle rise and fall.'

Latin American
Cha Cha Cha - 'Cheeky, bright and lively.'
Rumba - 'A love story told in dance.'
Samba - 'A rhythmic carnival dance.'
Paso Doble - 'The story of the matador and his cape.'
Jive - 'A fast 30's dance, full of kicks and flicks.'